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Manhattan Capital provides Term Loans for small businesses all over the world.

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Business Term Loans

Term Loans are the most common and straight forward type of business loans. You borrow money for your business and pay back the loan over the term of the loan, commonly with a fixed interest rate.

Term Loans help fund businesses who need to grown while protecting the well-being of your business and personal credit. We work with hundreds of lenders so we can get you the best rate and we can tailor your term loan for your business needs.

Term Loans are best for established businesses who need short term funds to cover temporary cash flow gaps, such as payroll, buying new equipment, paying off high interest rates debt, expanding your business, marketing and purchasing inventory.

See why many customers choose Manhattan Capital for their term loans. We loan anywhere from $20,000 to $5,000,000 typically within 2-3 weeks with unbeatable rates as low as 6.0%.

About Our Term Loans

• Term Loans Rates starting at 6.0%
• Loan amounts from $20,000 – $5,000,000
• No personal collateral
• Term Loan or Line of Credit
• See if you qualify in 48 hours at no cost
• Funding as soon as 2 weeks

Common Term Loan Uses:

• Paying off High Interest
• Purchasing Inventory
• Business Expansion
• Paying or Hiring an Employee
• See if you qualify in 48 hours at no cost
• Funding as soon as 2 weeks

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